A Look Through Things We're Good At

Civil and Construction works

From bridge, road, railway and harbour construction to tunnels and treatment plants, we carry out all forms of civil works.

Site Surveys and Floor Layouts

Our profesional crews use their expertise and advanced survey technologies to capture accurate data and field points

Utility service infrastructure

If you need pipes, wires or cables laid below ground, we can do it for you.


We have extensive experience with infrastructure projects of all kinds, domestically and abroad

Site Acquisitions and Site Surveys (RS & LOS Surveys)

Our highly-skilled staff knows where to find hard-to-find information. And we know how to work with legal counsel to make sure that every right, easement, and encroachment is documented with absolute clarity and accuracy

Logistics, Warehousing Project Management

We have the in-house resources to accommodate urgent closing deadlines. And we have the expertise to do the job right.

Consultancy and Project Management

Working with NigLeb gives you the opportunity to draw on our expertise within design, consultancy and project management.

Operations and Maintenance Support

We have the expertise and resources to support multiple large-scale construction projects at every stage of the project lifecycle — from existing condition surveys to construction layout and as-builts.